Causes And Cures For Neck Pain

Neck pain or Neck Strain is a temporary illness that consists of the neck area being sore. There are many factors that can cause this discomfort and a lot came from how we carry ourselves whenever we walk. Do we slouch all the time? Do we hunch over and stays in awkward positions that can possibly strain our necks? Do we sleep in a position that’s very uncomfortable or do we crouch when we sleep? We have to ask ourselves if we do these things, then maybe the cause of our neck strains came from external factors. Or you are one of those people who will have a sore neck when they feel tension and stress. A lot of factors can be applied to the cause of the neck pain but there are also easy remedies to follow so you can cure this pain and receive a huge amount of relief. Here is a list of things that you can do to cure a neck pain.

1. Mint Pads and pain relievers

- Modern medicine has helped us in helping our lives a lot easier by creating products that can give faster relief to our sore areas without the need to go to a hospital. In drugstores they sell all sorts of mint reliever pads and pain relievers that can take away the soreness of the neck instantly. All you have to do is apply the pain reliever (which is usually minty and hot) on the area of the soreness and let the heat seep through inside the skin that can be absorbed by the sore muscles.

2. The Right Pillows

- When you want your neck to take a rest, buy a specialized pillow that you can use to assist your neck when you are about to sleep. The right pillows can be very beneficial when it comes to the health of your neck while you rest your body and rejuvenate.

3. Cold Compress

- Sometimes soreness can cause inflammation of the neck. In order to subside this, you can use cold compress or an icepack to apply on your neck and numb the soreness as well as to reduce the swelling of the neck. Neck strains can be very delicate so when you apply the compress, don’t apply too much force.

4. Massage

- A neck massage is quite a relief besides mint pads or menthol oil. By pressing controlled force in the neck area in a circular motion, it can give great relief to the discomfort of the neck strain. Though, when you do this do not do it regularly for it might make the strain a lot more painful.

5. Go to a Doctor

- Last but not the least, go to a doctor or a Chiropractor El Cajon to get your neck checked if it still hurts after a few weeks because normal neck sprains only last a few days and afterwards it will be gone. So if you can still feel the pain in your neck after a week, you can say that there might be a ripped tissue or a vein that got stuck.

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