Causes And Cures For Severe Back Pain

One of the most painful discomforts in our body is having a severe back pain. There are a lot of external and internal factors that can cause back pains. The most common factor is sitting in an upright position for long periods of time. The second most common factor is the position of how we sleep whenever we go to bed at night. The third is slouching or not having the right posture and the last one is stress. As many as the factors that can cause back pain to an individual, there are also a lot of ways to cure severe back pain for a long time. Here are some of the ways to cure back pain.

1. Fix Posture

- Whenever we slouch, our spine and other muscles at the back will contort into a weird shape, stretching the muscles unnecessarily making our backs sore and painful. We have to straighten our backs and follow the true shape of the spine so any discomfort can be avoided.

2. Mint Pads/Mint oil/Muscle Pain Reliever Cream

- Drugstores everywhere are already selling a lot of Mint pads and mint oils and muscle reliever creams. There are a lot of different kinds of pain relievers for your back. The Mint Pads come in boxes and in pads, and like stickers, you can stick the mint pads on the part of your back where it is painful and stick it there so that the heat and the menthol feeling over the sore muscles. For mint oil and pain reliever creams, just pour a tiny amount in your hands before rubbing your palms together and applying it in your back where it hurts.

3. Exercise

- This is the least remedy that people wanted to do. Because it is time consuming and sometimes people are just too lazy to move their body. They didn’t know that longer hours in astill upright position can cause a lot of severe illnesses and one of those is Severe back pain. To take away the pain a person must exercise daily to avoid muscle sprains and sores

4. Take note of the position of how you sleep

- Whenever you sleep do you sleep in your back or in your stomach? Do you sleep on the side or are you in a lotus position? Your sleeping position can really affect the part of your back whenever you press it too hard on the mattress, usually in the morning you will feel a slight soreness of it.

5. Buy special mattresses/pillows for your back

- Buy special orthopaedic mattresses and pillows for your back so that it can move and form with the shape of your back naturally, not forcing any position and fits the back naturally. The orthopaedic bed may be costly but it will save your back and your spine.

6. Consult a Chiropractor/Doctor

- If the severity of the back pain changes, and it is on-going. A trip to the Chiropractor crystal lake is a good way to know if you have severe back problems or not.

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