The Realities Of Methadone Detox

Pain is a physiologic sign that your body is in danger. It is a common problem that individuals have to take narcotic based pain killers in order to solve this problem. However, when it comes to methadone, it is a common problem that you’ll most likely be dependent on this type of medication.

From 1999 to 2004, there’s a massive increase of deaths due to methadone. Within this time period, there was a 54% of increase in deaths related to methadone. As for poisoning due to methadone, unfortunately, the number of deaths increased by 390% from the same years. The most frustrating thing about methadone is that people abuse the medication. People think that they are actually getting better, but they end up with a higher dose.

Whenever you take a medication, it is imperative that you learn more about its potential threats. What are the adverse reactions and what are the different side effects that you’ll encounter. Bones will most likely be affected if you are going to take methadone, since it takes away your body’s calcium and magnesium. Given that it upsets the body chemistry, it is imperative that you check your health when you take methadone.


There are times when removing methadone completely will create bigger problems. For instance, if the root cause of the pain is not addressed, it is possible that the person will end up becoming dependent to things like methadone. This is the reason why it isn’t surprising why a lot of people try to stop drugs facilities.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to using methadone. One, you can cure the root cause of the problem. You’ll need to try to see what causes the chronic pain. If it is musculoskeletal in nature, try to get the help of doctors and other alternative healing practices. Orthopedics as well as chiropractors can help resolve your problems if this is the case.
Cannabis is also becoming an option. What makes cannabis a great means of relieving pain? The good thing about cannabis is that it is non-addictive in nature. Also, it has been proven in several studies that narcotic addiction has been reduced significantly with the use of cannabis.

Methods in detox facilities

If you will check the Florida based detox facilities, you’ll notice that they don’t really perform cold turkey on their patients. In fact, it takes a lot of months of rehab before you could finally be free from methadone.

What makes methadone dangerous?

What makes methadone dangerous is the fact that it can lead to dependence. Being an opiate, you have to take into consideration that it is also considered a downer. If you are the type of person who experiments with different types of drugs, you’ll most likely going to risk yourself with respiratory arrest. Respiratory arrest can cause death as well. This usually happens when people are already experimenting with methadone and other types of opiates.

It is also usual for the methadone dependent individuals to have depleted minerals in the body. This is the reason why detox facilities will not only focus on getting rid of the dependence itself but also try to build on the person’s health.

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